What is wifibri

Wifibri provides fast and secure internet in various environments such as: restaurants, cafes, hotels, office buildings, fitness centers, schools, student houses, public places, events and so much more.

Our technicians and network administrators make a thorough analysis of each location and work out a concrete plan to guarantee optimal coverage.

This way we are sure of the most optimal experience with the end user, your customers and residents

Get something in return!

You don’t just have to give your visitors free internet. You can also ask for something in return, for example a Facebook like or an e-mail address.

The visitor connects to the Wifibri network and is shown a page where he or she can like your Facebook page or enter an e-mail address



Fast and stable internet on your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone


Secure internet browsing is absolutely crucial

Budget friendly

Fixed cost, without any surprises at the end of the month

great coverage

Great indoor and outdoor coverage thanks to carefully selected hardware

Service provision

You can rely on our in-house helpdesk in case of questions or problems


Quick and easy connection process and you only have to connect your devices once