About Wifibri

Wifibri – the fastest and most flexible network – provides an ideal wireless internet experience in hotels, restaurants, bars, student houses, offices, holiday homes and other public spaces. Wifibri has over 25,000 users and is available in more than 500 locations.

Wifibri is a secure and user-friendly solution. It doesn’t involve any third parties and you don’t have to ask visitors for additional information.Once logged on to the network, you will stay connected.

Promote your business with Wifibri! Offer your visitors free internet access and greet them with a welcome page with your own branding. Generate more likes on Facebook and more check-ins and stay in touch with your visitors, even after their visit!

Where can wifibri be used?

Where and when can Wifibri support you, your visitors or your guests?

Customers love to share their meals on social media


Customers check in and make your business known to all of their friends


Hotel guests like to stay in touch with friends and family for free


For viewing and sharing documents, images and books

Public space

Boost your business with lightning-fast internet for your staff and customers


Downloading and uploading are crucial for school assignments

Student house

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