Different NAT Types

According to our researches, a Playstation has 3 types of NAT types, these are:

NAT Type 1 (Perfect)

NAT Type 1 is perfect for playing games online. This gives you a great online experience and does not get in the way of ( the firewall ) of your router, because you are directly connected to the internet, without intermediaries.

NAT Type 2 (Recommended)

NAT Type 2 is also great for playing games online. In most cases this gives you an excellent online experience.

NAT Type 3 (Strict)

NAT Type 3 makes communication and online gaming difficult.

What about Wifibri

You cannot get NAT type 1 on our Wifibri networks, but you will get NAT type 2 in 80% of the cases. This is sufficient in most circumstances.

If you still experience problems or get a Type 3 NAT, we can unfortunately not do much for this, because it is a limitation of the Playstation and we cannot offer any further support.