Below we explain in an example configuration how you can connect a router to the Wifibri public wired network and this via PPPoE,

As an example, we use a router type Linksys WRT1200AC equipped with Linksys smart Wifi. The way you configure this may differ on other router types. Always consult the manual of the device for more information.

Connect your Router to the WAN (here called Internet) port on the Wi-Fi wired network

Then you surf to the router by entering its IP address in the address bar of the browser. after which you will see a login screen. Here you log in with the details of the router.

Once logged in, you will end up on the router’s dashboard.

after which you go to the connectivity settings

In this menu you will find all settings related to connecting to your own network and also connecting to other networks

Go to the internet settings menu, there you can see how the device is currently connected to our network. In this example this is set to DHCP configuration by default. We adjust this to PPPoE

Here I had to click on edit before I got to see a selection box. One of those choices is PPPoE, if you select this you will be able to enter a username and password.

These data are your own created Wifibri account credentials. You leave open any other information. You also do not change the default settings.

If everything has been entered correctly, you will see that the router can connect to the internet.

After that, you only need to configure the rest of the router, these are: Network, WiFi, password, …