Below we explain in an example configuration how to configure an:

  • Apple Airport express
  • Apple Airport extreme
  • Apple Time capsule

to connect to the Wifibri public wired network via PPPoE,

Connect your Router with the WAN (Circle symbol) port on the wired network

Then you open the apple airport configuration program, if this is a new device, the software will find this device and you will automatically enter the configuration menu.

follow the steps

when you have gone through everything, click the icon again and then click edit. and log into the device.

Then go to the Internet submenu

Select at “Connect via”: PPPoE, enter your wifibri account details at account and password. then click on update.

Click on Continue. If you get this question,

If everything is in order, the dot turns green and you are connected. Then you can adjust your network, Wi-Fi network and code at will.