If you have an Apple computer, you can connect it to the wired PPPoE network in the following way.

Open System Preferences and go to Network

At the bottom of all the available connection options you can find a +, – and gear. Click +

In the menu that appears, select

  • At Interface PPPoE
  • At Ethernet: The wired interface. This can be Display ethernet if you use an Apple cinema display or USB 10/100/1000 if you use a USB C to Ethernet adapter like I do.
  • At name, you give the connection a name. In this example I leave this on PPPoE by default
  • Then click on Create

The service will then appear in the list of available connections.

What you do then is configure the connection, select PPPoE connection to bring up the sub menu.

Enter your details at Account name and Password, also tick Remember this password

Then click on connect. if everything went successfully, you will see something similar to this picture.

Tip! Make sure the PPPoE connection has the highest priority. so that you can be sure that you surf the Internet over the PPPoE connection.

This customization can be done by pressing down on to the gear icon and then choose Set order facility. Then you can drag the order of your facilities from place to place.