in the system menu you can find information about the router

Clock – Time

Here you can find the operations time that is used by the router itself.

This is useful in KID control


If you want to check on temperature of the router and the input voltage of the power supply, you can check it over at the Health menu


If you want to reboot the router, you can do this by pressing the reboot menu button and then press OK in the pop-up screen


You can also reset the router if you like,

Go to the reset menu, and press the Reset Configuration button.

Beware: If you reset the router, it clears all configuration and set it to the Wifibri default configuration.

Once a reset is executed, there is no way to restore it, even by the Wifibri helpdesk.


At Resources, you find all information about uptime, CPU usage, HDD Space and more