In this explainer, you can find how you can login into the Wifibri router of your apartment

Connect to the network

You can connect to your Wifibri router using the wireless network or a cabled connection

The first time you connect to your Wifibri router, you have to use the default wifi and password to connect to the wireless network

In this example the network is
“Wifibri HE208”, the password you can find on the label on the front of the Wifibri router.

Go to the WebFig interface

The configuration of the router is web based, this means you need to open your webbrowser on your computer.

You don’t need to install additional software since you already have used the internet to surf to this page.

Open a new tab on your browser en surf to http://wifibri.hotspot*, or just click on this link and a new tab wil open up automatically

* Works only if you are connected to your apartments wifi / cabled connection

Login into the WebFig

The Router has a unique default password, that you can fill in into the “Password” field.

You can also find this password onto the sticker on the router.

If you pressed the login button and everything is correct, you should see this page.

we explain everything further into the other topics in the Wiki

you can find it here